When do we see the color reflecting off our skin turn from pink to teal or green to
violet? From my experience, it has always been in the city; nightlife, going to clubs, meeting
people - perhaps under the influence, and all the while trying to look snazzy. In comparison
to the black & white Dudeoir that is more sensually elegant and romantic, the Dudeoir: In Color series brings more of a heightened attraction, even a lustful sensuality.

The implications are still the same, the male body can still be seen as sensitive and
tender, but there is something else that these color photographs bring to the table, and it is
that of sexual desire. While still refraining from being explicit, the more intense sense of
sensuality has now brought on a means to attract viewers’ subconscious libido. The bold,
vibrant colors in this series offer a unique look that provides an atmosphere of eroticism.

While the main challenge is to depict the male body as sensual, the addition of color
projected onto the skin provides a distinct understanding of the different levels of sensuality. The color photographs display a higher level of eroticism, a more intense lusciousness as said before; the word in itself has a connotation of femininity, but in reality, there are always two sides of the same coin.
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